About Infinity Share

»We are Integrators – 
no Complicators«

Infinity Share GmbH is an agile and highly flexible company for the improvement of internal communication processes in companies. We accompany our customers in their digital transformation with excellent consulting, highly professional software development and first-class software tools.

Company founder CEO Timo Klein has been working in the Microsoft Collaboration World for more than fifteen years and has built up the experience through a multitude and diversity in projects to support you with pragmatic qualitative solutions.

Infinity Share is staffed by Office 365 experts and developers focused on enterprise communication solutions. Thus, we help our customers to introduce and design digital work and agile communication in companies. The focus is on Microsoft SharePont environments with Solcial Intranets, the digital workplace, as well as teamwork and business applications from a single source: from the needs assessment to the development of the right strategy for you to the implementation and deployment in your company. We support you with profound know-how, many years of experience and suitable Microsoft technologies (Office 365 & Azure, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer) and extend them with highly adaptive solutions such as LiveTiles or KanBo.

Our mission and vision

Giving orientation to its employees and customers is by far the most important communication task of a company. Determining the direction, setting the guard rails and making the company’s purpose tangible is a major task – and one for which it is not a problem to use big words.

Our approach

We accompany you on your way to a modern digital workplace and support you in digitizing your internal company communication and collaboration. In doing so, we not only take into account your very company-specific characteristics, but also include technological, cultural and communicative aspects.

Finding Solutions

Thanks to our technology partnerships with selected and specialized software vendors, we will work with you to find a solution that fits your business and build exactly the platform you need.

Improve your digital collaboration now!

Join us in shaping the transformation to a well-connected company. As specialists for digital collaboration, we provide you with everything from a single source: You receive the right consulting for you. We then implement successful solutions for your digital workplace with Microsoft technologies such as Office 365.

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