Live Tiles Quantum

Bring your company into the future

LiveTiles Quantum is the space-age toolkit you need for powerful business insights.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Quantum’s modules give you the power to optimize your digital workplace by connecting data from multiple applications.

Drive your entire workplace experience through data, context and user behavior, intelligent workforce management and business modeling. Provide automation and support to facilitate daily routines and increase productivity.

Get actionable insights into how your solutions are used and make data-driven decisions to improve user experiences and content.

Directory – the who's who of the high-tech

Searching for employee details shouldn’t be an epic mission into the unknown.

Using AI technology, Directory identifies what’s missing or wrong in your employee directory. Stay well-informed via unobtrusive emails or chat bots.

Bring your directory to life

LiveTiles Directory brings your company directory to life by ensuring that profile information is always complete and up-to-date. It detects what’s missing or wrong and automatically starts a conversation with employees to collect and validate their information. It improves IT service delivery, employee engagement and opens up opportunities for greater personalization.

The intelligent Assistent

See how our Employee Directory Assistant can improve the employee experience in your organization.

The directory searches employee profiles – directly from the source of the information, not from an outdated search index.

Advanced filtering

Directory allows employees to apply multiple filters to quickly find the right people.

Advanced configuration

The index cards of your employees can be configured to display the most important information exactly where the employees want it.

classic and modern

The web part works in both classic and modern SharePoint pages, as well as in LiveTiles Page Designer.

Everything in one place

Through our Integration Framework, you can connect all systems where employee information is stored, including your HRIS.

Employee engagement

With the directory software, employees can quickly find and get to know colleagues.

Automated organization chart

The LiveTiles platform has an integrated org chart creator and web part that gives everyone in your organization an overview of all departments, teams, and employees. This facilitates shared learning and collaboration across the organization.

The org chart makes it easy to find out where an employee sits in the company and learn more about their skills and contact details.

The organizational chart creator is supported by our AI & Bot technology and ensures that the information is always complete and up-to-date. Manual input is no longer required.

The Organigram creator can be configured to display various profile information, zoom settings and display options.

On to new productivity – and beyond!

Arrange a non-binding meeting now to discuss the integration of LiveTiles in your company. We will be happy to advise you in detail about the possibilities offered by Live Tiles and discuss the best way for you.

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